Line Stops Here: You May Now Relax

I’m proud and happy to say that I survived my third year in college. For all of you who read my rants and nagging for the whole year, you’ll know what I was talking about. After weeks of waiting for the releasing of grades, I passed all my subjects. I was so happy and I felt like I was going to cry at that time but I can’t because I don’t know AHHHH! I STILL CAN’T CONTAIN MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW!

But the happiness isn’t whole because a few of my friends didn’t pass and I’m so upset that they have to take the removals exam, which is a do or die. I want them to be part of my fourth year journey and also my internship days (fingers crossed that I’ll passed for it) because it just doesn’t feel complete if they are not around. I hope that you’ll include them you your prayers.

Still, I can finally relax and free myself from school because it’s the start of summer vacation!


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