Between Traffics and Skyscrapers Part 1 – Bonifacio Global City

December 18, 2015

After 8 months of being stuck school (which obviously feels like hell) and 8 months of saving while fighting the urge not to buy expensive foods and things, I finally had enough money to get myself out of town and reward myself a four-day trip to the busiest city in our country (and I promised my sister that I would visit her).

I took the trip just right after our PTKan ( a program held in our department every year) which mean a whole lot of party and rave. Thus, being dead tired during the whole ride.

On my first day, I went to my sister’s workplace, she lives two jeepney rides away from my cousins’ house, so our 3o-minute ride to BGC turned into a two-hour trip, stuck between cars, jeeps, and a playlist of OPM played inside the jeep we were in.

And after a 1 hour staring contest with my fellow commuters, 20 minutes of walking around to find our second ride, and another 20 minutes, we finally reached our stop.

BGC has that New York City vibe, that’s why I wanted to see it for the second time, even though my sister literally works here. Well, at least I get to know what it feels like to be in New York. Ha!

We were going to eat our lunch in a Mann Hann but to our disapppointment, the whole place was reserved so we ended up eating at Kaya Restaurant (deep inside I was really happy) and I tried to order as much as I can because my sister was treating us anyway, and yes, I took advantage of it.

And the afternoon was filled with shopping and more photo walk.



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