3 – Love ‘Isn’t’ Sweeter The Second Time Around

People believe that love IS sweeter the second time around. Getting reunited with the person you once loved and feeling bliss knowing that you two still had the same feeling you once buried deep inside you. People think that it would be ten times sweeter, more romantic and a more serious, stable relationship – a better version of the love you two once had.

Yes, I agree to that point but obviously, not everything is a perfect love story because there is still a downside to this, and if ever you feel that the things that are listed below is what you have been doing for the past two months, I think you’re closer to your second heartbreak.

1.You’ll Always Be in Commando Mode. 

This time, you’ll be stricter towards his schedule. You’ll interrogate him before he goes out with his friends or anyone he had a plan to. Or worse, you’ll want to cancel his plan with his friends and asks him to have dinner somewhere fancy because it’s your fourth monthsary.

Girl, come on, your man is not a robot you could control, he has his own life to. Keep that up and you’ll be celebrating your next monthsary alone.

2. His Friends VS You

You’ll get jealous of his friends. You’ll start an argument on why he never has time for you when he has all the time in the world when his out with his friends. And then it will come to the point when you’re making him choose between you and his friends.

Well, that sound absurd. You’re too confident with his choice, thinking that he’ll pick you. But when you really think about it, friendship is stronger than a relationship with a selfish, spoiled girl. So, he’ll be happy to choose his friends over you.

3. You’ll Always Be Clingy and Suspicious 

If he was once an award winning liar in your previous relationship, you’ll want to attach a GPS inside his body just so you’ll know where he might me or what he’s busy with or call him every five minutes and expect him to answer within a second.

Well, you don’t have to be with him 24/7. If your man promised you to be honest and will give you a play-by-play of his day then trust him. Don’t be like a leech who keep sticking to his boyfriend every day because boys hate it. They already have a mom who’s doing that, he probably doesn’t want another one.

4. You’ll Develop A Severe Case of Paranoia

If the reason for your break up was because of a third party then you’ll probably assume that every girl she’s with is a third party. You’ll always jump into wrong conclusions, thinking that his cheating on you with another girl whenever he replies after 5 minutes or more. You can’t help but look through his social account, finding any solid evidences, if he had any convos with his ex or if he’s flirting another girl. Loving him is easy, but trusting him is another thing.

Most of your fights will be 80% of this, you’ll always bring up a girl’s name or his ex’s name whenever you’ll have an argument with him. You should probably stop this now because this is a stab on his heart. His doing everything he can to make you forget all about it and you can’t help but to bring it up in every fight you have. This just shows that you’re not confident with him and you’re afraid to take the risk of falling for him again. You’re still shielding your heart from him because you knew he has the power to break it again.

Trust him. That’s all you have to do. It ain’t easy but you’ll definitely get there. Don’t be afraid to fall right into his arms because he’ll be there to catch you. He love you more that you love him back. He just doesn’t know how to show it.

Don’t turn to a clingy, possessive, obsessive girlfriend. Always give each other some space and know when to support your partner. Maybe your thoughts about love being sweeter the second time around is different that what you expected. But you’ll know that it was worth the risk. He was worth the risk.


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