Barely Alive and Kickin’

It’s been maybe almost a month since I last updated. School was pretty much hectic as always. I’ve been having only five to six hours of sleep because of the every day exams and practicals. I try to cram everything in one night but only to be distracted by other things.

I don’t think there were a time when I had a proper sleep and meal. I couldn’t even eat properly because I always skip my lunch and dinner when I know that I don’t have enough time to finish my works.

And now, MIDTERMS is over and I could finally reward myself a good ten-hour sleep. It was probably the longest week of my life because I kept wishing that this week would end already. I just feel so tired and helpless every day I come home from school. And now, you can’t cram a 296 slides of reviewer in physiology, 4 chapters of gross anatomy, and other handouts per night. That’s like torture. I just want my matcha and pizza.

Good thing I’m still alive and kicking, well, barely.

Wish me luck on my results next week! Ciao! Catch my next update tonight.


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