2 – To The Girl Who Got Her Heart Broke

Hearing your half-fixed heart crashing to the ground, broken into another bunch of pieces, scattered across the floor, too tired to pick up the pieces.

You cried yourself to sleep. Confined yourself with the four walls of your room. And ignored anyone who tried to ask you what had happened. Cursing every guy on earth on how much of a jerk they are for leaving girls without any valid reason because that’s how painful it is to be left by a guy without knowing the reason.

That’s how painful it is to be left by a guy who you thought you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. The guy who you’ll have kids with. The guy who you’ll wake up with every morning. The guy who’ll be waiting for you by the aisle. The guy who you imagined your whole future with. But you were too drawn with your future, that he didn’t even see you in his. That’s how painful it is.

Now, you sit on your bed, staring blankly at your wall, questions running inside your head. Trying to fix everything like a puzzle, looking for answers on why did he suddenly left you when you thought everything was perfect between the two of you. Thinking all of those possible reasons but you knew there was only one answer.

That one answer that you can’t fully accept. That one answer that’s more painful than the break-up itself. You’re not just ready to accept it, no, you’re afraid to accept it because this would mean for you to stop waiting for someone who isn’t coming back. Because of the harsh reality, your blocking it with complicated, pathetic reasons, making it harder for you to move on.

So I’ll break it to you then.


Those words are painful to hear but it’s the truth. These words would free you from denial. These words would free you from all the hatred and depression that’s quietly living inside you. These words would free you from starting a new chapter. Don’t think of him as a mistake because one way or another, he loved you and you loved him, but yours was more than enough. He made you happiest girl once and maybe someday someone will do it for you, and this time he’ll stay.

Take it as another step to finding the right guy for you, which means it may take a number of guys for you to really find The One and he’ll make sure that you’re also his.

So, don’t let one guy ruin your chance in finding the perfect love. You might not know maybe he’s just in another town, another country, across the world, or standing in front of you, disguised as your best friend. True love comes in different circumstances and you just need to learn how to play it.

True love is one sick bitch.


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