1 – Tips for Surviving College

My week is full of exams, quizzes, practicals and homeworks. My school is a 30 minute bus trip and my class starts at 8 until 5 (depends when the teacher dismisses us early or when you catch a bus that isn’t always full). College isn’t easy, not only because of the do-or-die subjects but also of the how you do manage everything in a day. I only have one rest day after a tiring, stressful week.

After a month of my third year being in college, I realized a few things and these might also help you when you enter college.

1. Manage your time. Everything has a time limit and as they say everything has its own time. But know when to stop and when to start. Know your time on how to finish everything within a given day or you could always start early in that way you could finish your work faster.

2. Make a list. You can use post-its or index card in listing your to-do list. Write and schedule everything that is to be done tomorrow or next week. This way it is more organize and you can cross out whenever the deed is done.

3.Balance your works. You can’t shut down your social life, your friends is your second family and also your pillar of support. Whenever you get the chance to go out with them, take it. Learn to enjoy but not too much. It is also a reminder that you have life besides from doing homeworks and reviewing notes. But always know your time.

4.Free your mind once in a while. Don’t confine yourself with your books and notes. You need to relax your mind and free it from any intoxication. Go out from your room and talk to your parents or watch a movie or play with your siblings. This could relax you physically and mentally.

5. Always find the time to eat. Don’t ever skip meals. The energy to do things is basically what you need to finish all your work without feeling lazy or worn-out. At school, my friends and I always find the time to eat in between breaks because we feel like we’re always hungry.

6. No cramming! This is the worst thing that I did. You can’t fit a three-chapter topic inside your head so always take time to have an advance reading just so the words wouldn’t be so foreign the first time you’ll read it. I always do this on Sundays and it was easier for me to review my notes.

7. Lastly, have time for yourself. Know that your life doesn’t revolve to only one thing but to a lot of things. So always find time for you own also. Do what you can and never stop yourself from doing it because you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take. Don’t live your life neglecting the things in front of you but accept it.

I hope these tips was a worth-read for you guys. Going to make some pancakes later. Yum!

‘Till my next update. Ciao!


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