Trust Nobody

I can give you one tip if you ever descend to this planet and that is to trust nobody. 

No one in this living planet is worthy enough for your trust because everybody, I repeat, everybody will talk behind your back. Even if it’s your friends, bestfriends, boyfriend, including your family.

A lot of things can change in a span of years, months, days, even seconds. No matter how long your relationship with that person is, betrayal could always happen. You might not expect it but we should prepare ourselves to the inevitable. People will always let you down but be sure that you’re strong enough to stand up and pick up the pieces.

You can’t wait for your own knight in shining armor, or your own superman. There’s no such thing as a prince charming because this isn’t a fucking fairy tale. We live in a world where everything is unfair and inequality. And that’s how terrible life is.

That feeling when you just want to sleep and never wake up. That feeling when you want to punch and throw everything around you. That feeling when you just want to escape about everything that’s happening.

But life is life. There’s no escape pod or eject button. There will always be an SOS but people always have the choice to ignore it it or not.

Our world is full of untrustworthy, backstabbing bitches – including myself. And that is a fact.


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