The College Version of Hell’s Kitchen

It’s been a week since school had started and on that first regular week of being a third year, I think that this year will always feel like hell.

Every day, we were faced with homeworks and quizzes. There wasn’t even a night when I just stayed in bed after I got home from school. I always see my classmates reading their notes every time I enter inside the room.

This is the point where I have come to realize what our seniors were talking about when we were still a freshman. And I hate to say this, but they were right. I feared this year to come but I know that this isn’t the time to flake out. I need to be stronger this time and of course, I need to lessen my laziness. There’s no balancing of time and all those kind of bullshits because you’re only aim and focus is school. This isn’t a joke. I repeat, this isn’t a joke and I’m fucking serious.

I’m still overwhelmed by it but I’m preparing myself for the worst.

Just a warning from everyone who’s still entering college. YOU MUST GET RID OF ALL YOUR LAZY HABITS BECAUSE COLLEGE DOESN’T WANT ANY OF YOUR LAZINESS. Just a heads up guys.

Maybe I’ll update another week again because I can’t even find the time to open my laptop. Ugh.



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