One Last Escape Before Facing the Reality

Two more days and we’ll be faced by the one fat reality that we all dreaded: school.

Two more days and we get to see old and new faces.

Two more days and we get to see the most and least teachers we want to see.

Two more days and we get to be separated from our precious laptops and smartphones and instead of these technologies, tons of books and papers will be placed on our hands.

And before this day officially starts, I wanted to at least feel my last day of going out without being bothered by a bunch of homeworks or reviewers that are waiting on my desk to be opened. My last day to chill and lay low and I shall call this day, “Sweet Escape Monday”.

I knew days like this would be a one in a million chance and I knew I had to take it – and so I did. I went out of my cave, took one long bath, grabbed my bag and shoved my stuff inside. I went to a cafe where I know would be the quietest and have the relaxing vibe. Luckily, there weren’t that much people inside and I got to sit on the best spot, which is near the big, glass window.

I was forced to go through the remaining of the day in solitude. A blissful solitude.

I read ‘The Alchemist’, while sipping my Iced Cafe Latte, and taking a bite of the almond brownies in between. To be honest, that was my first ever experience to go out all alone, like going on a date with yourself. And I must say, it felt good. Just reading there, drinking coffee, I felt comfortable and calm. I felt peace.

I see the art of peacefulness within me.

I see the art of solitude.

And I want to see all of these more from today onwards.


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