The Gates of College

College? Hmm, my thoughts about it is pretty much wide. The truth is, I wasn’t ready to enter the next step yet. I wanted to stay as an high school for awhile. Because once I enter college, my future will be on the line, and if I don’t work seriously, it’ll be difficult.

When I first entered the gates of my new school, it might be a bit cliche, but butterflies started to swirl inside my stomach. I was very,very nervous, and…excited. Weird, huh? I didn’t know what was waiting for me in there, and I don’t know what will my future look like.

Orientations. Teachers. CHS students. I heard a lot of things about what Physical Therapy is all about. They told me how difficult it will be when we will reach our 2nd Sem when we’ll be in the 2nd year. That will be the sem where you really need to focus and concentrate. Because your life in there is 50-50. I was motivated and at the same time, discouraged because of what they were telling us.

But I know that my future lies within my hands. I need to focus, concentrate and work hard in order to reach that goal. I need to have my game face on because I know that I’ll do whatever it takes to make my dream come true, and that is having the “PtRp” written at the end of my name.




57 thoughts on “The Gates of College

  1. college is somewhat terrifying but at the same time beautiful. imagining the experiences that one will have there, it gives me chills just thinking about it.

  2. living with no fun is nothing. making sure that you are happy should always be your priority. that’s life.

  3. you can see it its open. but it may take a while before you can see it. and i stopped because when there something i want to write, it goes away the moment i sit down and type. hate those moments.

  4. haha. i found your blog through something i dont remember anymore. i did not see this blog for almost a year then suddenly i remembered it so i thought i could comment on some of the posts,

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